We feature a modern 2,000 square-foot cafeteria with large entry porch as well as outside seating that can feed 150 people at a time, and the best chefs and food.

We can cook cafeteria_distance_200_150you delicious meals and serve them 3 times a day . . .

We also can host a “Weight Loss Camp:”

Food and Nutrition

  • Relationship between our bodies and our diet.
  • How we are affected by sugar, salt, fiber, fats,  nitrates and nitrites, and artificial colorings.

*Do you know what your children are eating?   Due to over-advertised processed foods, refined sugar, refined fats, fatty foods, pastries, cakes, candy, and ice cream, children often do not get to experience wholesome nutritious food.

Most likely you have been trying to introduce your family to good nutrition.  We want to help. We will introduce many varieties of foods that are closest  to Mother Nature as possible.  Having children make the transition from chocolate bars and fast food restaurants  to wholesome foods as being satisfying and delicious snack is a lot easier than it sounds…

We teach how to plan meals and  how to prepare simple foods

Holistic cooking as well as nutrition classes are offered, explaining the 8 food groups, appropriate portions and foods that are high quality protein and other  sources of nutrition that is essential to maintenance of a healthy body.  And the wonderful flavors and health benefits of holistic foods, and the joys of exercise.   We encourage parents to participate with their campers during the Healthy Weight Family Camp that kicks off the Healthy Weight Camp.  Special seminars and instructional sessions presented by local physicians, nutritionists and educators are offered to parents during the Family Camp.  This helps you to have the tools to support your child during the Healthy Weight Camp and after.  Plus our Camp Counselor will be in touch with you and your child every month for a full year after the camp for ongoing support.

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